Karen Dybner-Madero, Psy.D.


I hope this website will help you learn about me and how I can best help you. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and also a school certified psychologist with a private practice in Philadelphia and the Main Line suburbs.  I work with children of all ages, adolescents, adults, and parents.  I am available for psychotherapy, parent consultation, and testing.  My counseling approach is warm, thoughtful, and practical. I strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where adults, teens, and children can feel safe and supported so that they can share, explore, and resolve their innermost problems. Similarly, when meeting for testing, I want children and teens to feel positive about their performance and comfortable with their experience. Appointments for any of these services are available upon request by phone or email.  I look forward to speaking to you.



Licensed Psychologist

2201 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 101

Philadelphia, PA 19130